every achievement in cinema history has led up to this moment


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You can tell a lot about someone by their wifi network name.

In the market for a new bed

Any SUPER cheap places for a frame/boxspring/mattress deal?

Trying to keep as much $$ for the profesh wardrobe update. Lord knows homegirl needs one.

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Frosty. #wingpic #byeboro


so collegeboard recently stated that they would revise the SAT to make the question more relevant to what students actually learn in high school. here’s twitter’s response 😭😭

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The universe wants me to take this week off seriously. My login password expired this weekend and resetting it requires being at my desktop.

Vacay win.


i wanna grow old with you 

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still remains the truest thing of all the true things.

Wrangler Skinny Jeans for Hipsters from Nice Piece Productions, Rob Watt, and brianbarclay ›

Little do they know there will be Wrangler skinny jeans available at Walmart coming Fall ‘14.

Thanks for the free advertising!!

My exact feelings. So over Sochi.

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It’s only taken me 24 days to correctly spell this month on the first try. Here’s to four more days of confident spelling. Only to have it start all over again in 11 months.